Our tips for freelancers how to deal with this frightful corona crisis

Katharina Lindebner - 03/04/2020 - 0 comments

Let’s start with the positive things while working remotely – you do not have to hurry to work in the morning which means no traffic jams and therefore getting up a little bit later. Does not sound that worse. However working from home also means that you will need a lot of self discipline and motivation. 

1. Your working environment

Of course it would be cozy and comfortable to stay on the couch or even in bed while working, however do you really think you can be as productive as in front of your desk? It is important to avoid distractions – always keep in mind why you wanted to become a freelancer. Apart from that a regulated working place can also be important for your brain to know when to switch from Netflix and chill to working mode. 

2. How to start your day properly?

How do you start your day usually? If you still start your day with a daily routine and set goals which you want to achieve per day you are on the right track. Maybe it will help you to establish a timetable to get your day structured.

3. Improve your current projects

It is really important to focus on your projects and your timetable. Now is a good moment to improve your projects and work on open tasks and issues.

4. How to keep in touch with customers?

Thanks to various online solutions your meetings with customers can be done remotely as well. It might be important for your customers to stay up to date and know the improvement of your project status.

For example you could use:

  • zoom
  • Google Hangouts
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype

The current situation is new and hard for all of us, so social distancing is. However we can use the internet to keep in touch and encourage each other.

We wish you all the best – stay healthy and safe!

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