How your CV should look like?

Katharina Lindebner - 03/06/2020 - 0 comments

It’s all about the first impressions

The person who you want to convince that you are the right person for their project should get a good first impression of you. Here it is important to differ if you want to upload your CV to your website or if you send it to possible future clients. In the first case you can keep your CV general. However if you want to send it to a recruiter or your client-to-be you should adapt it to their specific needs and show them why they should choose you as their future project member.

Keep it simple and short

We are living in a world of over-stimulation and sensory overload therefore it is important to attract attention quickly. We suggest you to provide an overview of the most important information about you which can be seen at the first sight. For people who want to get more information about your person you should give them the opportunity to get further information and more details about your skills.

“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.”

— Steve Jobs

Which experiences do you have?

Display your working experience and describe your responsibilities. Which of your skills could you use for which project? Which projects have you already been working for? What are your benefits in comparison to other freelancers? Make sure that all the skills you are capable of and might be important for the client are displayed. Skip skills which might be redundant like your ability for accounting when applying as a designer. 

Minimize the design

The design should never distract from the important information about you and your skills, therefore it might be better to keep it simple. A good readability is important as well as a logical structure. However you can use some eye-catchers like icons to highlight the most important sections.

Focus on the reason why exactly YOU can help your client

For your client it is not that important how many skills you have. What really matters for your them is, how you can help them to improve their company. Which value they might get if they will hire exactly you and not another freelancer.

Which references do you have?

Which projects could you already work on? Which skills did you use? How could your future projects gain from these experiences? 

All in all your CV is the first impression and therefore it is important for the decision if you get the possibility for a call and maybe your future project or not. That’s the reason why it is so important for you to focus on it.

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