How freelancers can find their next project?

Katharina Lindebner - 29/06/2020 - 0 comments


The easiest and most efficient way is to present yourself on project exchange platforms or freelancer pages. You can create a profile there and use it to represent your skills and values, this gives you the opportunity to have a wide range of different projects. Some of the pages mentioned below even give you the opportunity for direct matching on an AI-base or direct contact with recruiters.

Your website

As a freelancer you should use your website to represent your key values, show former projects and customers you have already been working for. You should use your website to show your potential customers why they should choose exactly you as their freelancer for their next project. Therefore it is important to give them an overview of your skills and values. What really matters here is SEO – you need your website to be well ranked in Search Engines like Google, that your potential customers get to know exactly you and not any other freelancers.

Social Media

A cheap way to get new connections and find projects is to use Social Media groups. We recommend to use especially LinkedIn, Xing and Facebook, whereas LinkedIn is known for better business contacts. 

When using Social Media there are two ways to get projects – either you create a post on your profile or you create a post in groups about your skills and strengths and the kind of project you are looking for. The other way is to react to existing postings where people or companies are looking for experts in specific fields. You can directly contact them and send them your application. 


People you have already been working for can be really helpful for future projects. If they are happy with your work, they are more likely to recommend you to other potential customers.

The best case to get new projects is without need of active project search. You need to get more connections, being active on Social Media platforms, create an SEO friendly website and use different freelancer platforms to represent yourself. As a freelancer you are working on a project base and it is all about skills, therefore it is important that your potential customers can easily get to know about your strengths and your value for their project.