About freelancr.cloud

Freelancr.cloud helps entrepreneurs, startups and corporates to scale their workforce and get things done.

Our platform uses AI to enable perfect matches between freelancers and recruiters. Therefore skills and timetables are compared to safe time and costs.

  • Direct connections
  • Matching according to timetables and skills
  • Public profiles to present yourself
  • Project agent
  • Freelancer agent

You can find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We are going to share tips and updates on our Social Media profiles as well as on our blog.

Good to know for freelancers

You just need to register, update your profile and add your skills. You can use your profile to present yourself. By adding your availability our matching algorithm can find projects that match your time schedule.

You can find all different kinds of projects on freelancer.cloud. From IT-Skills to Design, Online Marketing, SEO and many more.

After adding your skills and timetable our AI-algorithm will find the best matching projects for you.

Your profile can be used for your personal presentation. It can also be found on search engines like Google and therefore it makes sense to keep your profile up to date and add all your skills.

As a freelancer we recommend to use the professional plan, which costs 9.90 € per month. This plan has the advantage of direct connecting to your recruiter.

Good to know for recruiters

You just need to register, update your profile and then start adding projects. Freelancers will be matched automatically with the projects due to their skills and availability.

Yes! You can decide if you want to sign up as recruiter or as recruiting agency. The plan for recruiting agencies will cost 69,90 € per month and offers the opportunity to generate an unlimited number of recruiting profiles.

Our matching algorithm only suggests the perfect match for each project therefore we can reduce the project rejections.

Only available freelancers will be suggested, this can help you to save time and costs to find new freelancers. Apart from that it reduces the required number of personal contact requests.