11 Tools which will help freelancers to be more productive!

Katharina Lindebner - 29/04/2020 - 0 comments

We want to share some tools and tips with you which will help you to organize your work and save time to be even more productive. 

How to track your working time?


Clockify is a convenient tool if you want to manage your time easily. You can add tags, the project you are currently working on, if it is billable or not and you have the opportunity to add hours manually. Clockify also offers the possibility to check the reports and gives you a better overview about your working hours and displays statistics how much you have worked for which project and when.

How can you keep in touch with your team members and customers?


Slack is a great tool to work on projects together and keep informed. You can create different channels on different topics and therefore you can invite different persons to this channels.


Zoom is one of the most used tools right now, from students to freelancers almost everyone who had to communicate while staying at home for work, school or university has been using zoom. It is really convenient as you can schedule a meeting and invite your clients or team members beforehand. Apart from that it is easy to share your screen and therefore give an overview about what you have been working on. So you can simulate a meeting while social distancing.

How to organize what you have to do?

GitLab Dashboard

Gitlab is not only for working on projects together and sharing codes, it also offers the possibility to share dashboards and get an overview what you and your team members are currently working on, which tasks have already been finished and which tasks are planned for future. You can add assignments to your team members which gives you an overview who is responsible for which task.


Asana can be compared with the Gitlab Dashboard, you can also manage the tasks which are planned, have already been finished and are currently in progress. You can also add end dates, when a task has to be finished. Using a project management tool makes it easier to have an overview if your project is in your time schedule and to be aware of the tasks your team members are working on.


Trello is another nice tool to organize your projects and the tasks which have been done. We consider it as convenient that you can connect trello with other tools like Dropbox, Slack, Google Drive and many more.

How to share data with your team members?


An easy way to share data with your team or clients is to use a shared Dropbox folder. You also have the opportunity to share only single documents or pictures as a link. However be sure that the free version is limited. However there are some tricks like inviting friends to get more storage for free.

Google Drive

Google Drive can be compared to Dropbox however the big advantage is that you and your team members can work on the same document at the same time. This makes it really easy to work together as a team.


WeTransfer is a platform which can be used to share project data with your clients for example. You can generate a link which you can send to your client who can download the data easily. The advantage is that you do not have to waste storage in your cloud service like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Which other tools can help you to be more productive?


If This Then That or short IFTTT is the solution to connect the different platforms you are using. For example you can connect all your Social Media Accounts and post on one platform and connect it to all the other Social Media Platforms. Apart from that there are many more functions which will make your everyday life much easier.


Nowadays you need a keyword almost for every platform. As it is not good to use the same password for each platform a password manager could be the solution you have been looking for. You just need to remember your master password which is unlocking your password manager and then you can easily sign in to all platforms that you are using.

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